• Light weight
  • Easy care
  • Stretch
  • Anti pilling
  • Insulated

FUNTECH., will make traditional textile to upgrade become a precise technology. We have more thanks 30 years’ experience make Functional fabric have Naturally hand feel. Moreover, Funtech fabric have fashion outlook. Beside the multi-functional and more comfortable to wear, we will develop our own yarn and special construction to make Unique fabric for each costumer’s own.


FUNtech Thermo

Using the special yarn make light weight and plentiful fleece. Distinctive knitting technology and exceptional brush to make yarn mutual crisscross. FUNtech thermos have many minute cavities, like a foam rubber, fill in a lot air in the fabric to be isolated the outside cold air and keep warm air in inside. And also, we develop the new yarn and use in different construction and every customer have their own pattern, to make their unique production.

FUNtech Amor

We use special yarn the make one side brush fleece, the flat side can be use in face side. The flat side have softer hand feel and fashion outlook. Moreover, the face side can be more durable and full way stretch.

Have more Functional and Naturally hand feel with fashion outlook, moreover we can build customer their own unique pattern.
Make everyone enjoy the function with fashion outlook and also feel more comfortable.